Levenhall Links

Levenhall Links

Location: Musselburgh
Grid Reference: NT358734 Post Code: EH21 7QE
Scale: 1:10000
Size: A4-
Last revision: 1/2014

The north part of the area is built on land reclaimed with the ash from the nearby powerstation. There is a bird sanctuary, a boating pond and woodland. The south part is the Musselburgh horse racing track which encloses the famous Old Musselburgh golf course. The east end, towards Prestonpans, has got the remains of the old harbour, now some distance from the sea.

The final point of interest is the large building at the east side which includes the East Lothian Outdoor Learning Service. They have their own orienteering kit and have maps of many (all?) the schools in the county.

Note that the production of orienteering maps takes many hours of professional or volunteer’s work and that permission to use areas for an event should not be taken for granted. Please contact the club to purchase copies of the map and to discuss possible use.