Improve your Orienteering…
Saturday 29 September 2018

"Orienteering" by Luigi Mengato is licensed under CC BY 2.0

You may have seen lots of juniors getting the chance to have some coaching and do some training before some of our events and maybe you’ve wished that you could have the same opportunity as them.  Well, on Saturday we have a chance for everyone to improve their orienteering.

Join us a little bit earlier than usual at 12:30pm at Butterdean on Saturday 29th September for a chance to do a training exercise in the woods before you go out on a normal course.

“Orienteering” by Luigi Mengato is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The exercise can be done individually or in small groups and is a chance to learn more about:

  • distance estimation using pacing and,
  • taking a bearing and walking on it.

There’ll be an opportunity to learn these skills, practice using them and then discuss how things went. After that you can have a go at one (or more) of the Saturday courses which Godfrey has planned.

The session won’t cost any more than 50p to cover the map!

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