4.1km 110m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Oleg Chepelin INT M21 23:43
2nd Julian Hall ELO M50 28:40
3rd James Ackland INT M16 29:09
4th Paul Caban INT M50 29:58
5th Graeme Ross INT M40 30:28
6th Jane Ackland INT W50 33:10
7th Nick Williamson IND M35 33:15
8th Pat Bartlett INT M45 33:37
9th Jonathan Ellis ESOC M35 35:37
10th Mary Ross INT W40 35:57
11th Godfrey Beddard ELO M65 36:02
12th Ian Rowland ELO M50 36:35
13th Kenneth Daly INT M50 38:30
14th Javier Romo Sainz IND M21 39:04
15th Bill Stevenson ESOC M65 39:07
16th Pat Squire INT M65 39:21
17th= Andrea Davison ESOC W35 39:27
17th= James Jarvis INT M40 39:27
19th Judith Bell ESOC W45 40:44
20th Pete Younger ELO M60 44:06
21st Robert Findlay ESOC M65 44:08
22nd Ian Wood IND M60 44:37
23rd Ben Brown ESOC M14 47:05
24th Anne Stevenson ESOC W65 48:18
25th Timothy May IND M50 48:23
26th Tim Harding ELO M50 49:19
27th Jonathan Harding ELO M16 49:42
28th Darina Cunnane INT W45 52:32
29th Fiona Findlay ESOC W65 54:21
30th Hanne Robertson ESOC W45 57:32
31st Jim Clark ESOC M75 58:08
32nd Janet Clark ESOC W70 62:07
33rd Paul Davison IND M65 63:47
34th Joseph Bartlett INT M14 72:42
rtd The Gonies      
m13 Jack Poole ELO M18 29:51



3km 50m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Rachel Brown ESOC W12 28:22
2nd Iain Smith IND M55 29:55
3rd Alasdair & Fraser IND M14 31:57
4th Eve Brown IND W14 38:19
5th Isolda Roger and Javier Romo IND   40:49
6th Trish & Katie Johnson INT W10 41:55
7th Maureen Brown ESOC W65 43:13
8th Niamh Jarvis INT W16 44:53
9th Martin Cunnane +1 IND M10 46:21
10th David Robertson ESOC M50 47:57
11th Kate Davison-Brown IND W35 48:07
12th Matthew Ross INT M12 49:14
13th Kirsty Blair   W21 59:42
14th Agnes Guyon IND W45 70:21
15th Maja Robertson ESOC W10 75:35
16th Yannicke Shaw IND M10 91:50
17th Jackie Wake IND W45 92:38
18th Tom, Zoe and Sam Crow IND   93:07



1.4km 20m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Hume Family 50727 IND   15:24
2nd Hume Family 50726 IND   15:26
3rd Zoe Clark ESOC W10 21:04
4th Val Harding ELO W50 23:33
5th Jamie Lawlor ESOC M12 23:37
6th Catriona & Elianna IND W10 25:18
7th Joseph Lawlor ESOC M10 27:05
8th Maja Robertson ESOC W10 27:43
9th Bella & Layla IND W10 28:21
10th Sam Bartlett INT M10 29:12
11th Katya Hall IND W12 51:33



1.1km 15m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Thomas Ross INT M10 9:34
2nd Katie Johnson INT W10 9:48
3rd Emma Johnson INT W12 12:42
4th Luke Bordessa IND M10 14:20
5th Megan Brown ESOC W10 14:38
6th Ben Ross +1 INT M10 15:15
7th Rowan Lawlor ESOC M10 20:05
8th Amy & Paul Bordessa IND   20:19
9th Joe & Elise Jack IND   34:57
10th Luke Davison-Brown IND M10 37:15
11th Ben Davidson-Ellis IND M10 37:18