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4.1km 60m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Andrew Dalgleish ESOC M21 24:29
2nd Max Carcas INT M45 25:01
3rd Duncan Edmondson ELO M45 25:23
4th Paul Caban INT M50 25:33
5th Jonathan Ellis ESOC M35 26:00
6th Ronald Nolan ESOC M45 28:38
7th Julian Hall ELO M50 29:52
8th Tom Mallows ESOC M40 30:03
9th Ian Rowland ELO M50 30:34
10th Ian Pyrah ESOC M70 32:42
11th Nick Williamson   M35 32:46
12th Clare Bond   W40 34:25
13th Bill Stevenson ESOC M65 35:10
14th Pete Younger ELO M60 35:53
15th Moira Findlay ESOC W45 36:00
16th Godfrey Beddard ELO M65 36:34
17th Barry Owen INT M65 36:47
18th Vanessa McMillan HH W21 36:57
19th Leslie Dalgleish ESOC M65 37:31
20th James Jarvis INT M45 38:25
21st Marty Lee ESOC M45 39:48
22nd Pippa Carcas INT W12 39:50
23rd Lucie Duffy ESOC W16 41:56
24th Mark Kassyk ESOC M55 42:27
25th Rob FLett ESOC M45 43:02
26th Robert Findlay ESOC M65 43:45
27th Saartje Drijver ELO W45 44:13
28th Duncan Shiell RR M65 44:37
29th Hugh Duffy ESOC M50 55:36
30th Fiona Findlay ESOC W65 56:20
31st Susan Shiell RR W65 60:35
32nd Martin Caldwell ESOC M60 70:32
33rd Catherine Rooney RR W55 70:58
rtd Eleanor Pyrah ESOC W70  
w21 Colin Inverarity INT M60 38:11



3.1km 50m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Jonathan Harding ELO M16 22:21
2nd Fergus MacRae   M14 29:42
3rd Benji Edmondson ELO M10 30:31
4th Tim Hayes   M21 33:48
5th Craig Blaney   M45 38:54
6th Ruaridh McKenzie   M14 44:00
7th Maureen Brown ESOC W65 44:43
8th Janet Clark ESOC W70 45:37
9th Langlands Family     49:02
10th Emma Johnston     49:52
11th Kirsty Blair   W21 52:46
12th Johnson Family     53:14
13th Grant Kenny   M50 60:16
14th Kirsty Owen INT W12 67:05
15th Rory Day   M12 73:46
rtd Niamh Jarvis INT W18  
m8-14 Margaret Dalgleish ESOC W60 35:29
w14 Monk Family     49:14



1.9km 10m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Finlay Hayes + Oscar Smith ELO M12 17:08
2nd Paton Family     18:30
3rd Mairi Jarvis INT W14 22:40
4th Emma Johnson INT W12 23:09
5th Reid Family     23:34
6th Tim Day ELO M40 28:16
7th Katie Johnson INT W10 28:53
8th Sophie Rhodes   W7 36:31
9th Oliver Rhodes   M5 36:39
10th Val Harding ELO W50 39:24
11th Emily Rhodes +1   W12 42:20
12th Andrea Davison+Ben ESOC W35 63:27
m14 Euan Flett ESOC M10 58:08



1km 5m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Samuel Jones ELO   7:17
2nd Ellie Darlow ESOC W7 10:32
3rd Freya Edmonson ELO W7 15:07
4th Jamie Flett ESOC M10 17:01
5th Sean Tucker   M4 17:13
6th Tim Younger + 1 ELO M55 19:57
7th Thomas Owen INT M10 20:28
8th Jamie Williamson   M12 23:23
9th Helen Wotton   W4 26:03