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Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Atis Kalejs GAUJIEN M40 25:51
2nd Huw Stradling AROS M21 26:59
3rd Patrick Bartlett INT M45 28:07
4th Walter Clark ESOC M40 28:56
5th Bethany Hanson EUOC W20 30:23
6th Martyn Pegg ELO M40 30:35
7th Mary Ross INT W40 30:37
8th Duncan Edmondson ELO M45 30:38
9th Mark Rowe ESOC M40 31:50
10th Rachel Brown ESOC W14 33:00
11th Tyler Morrison ESOC M21 33:22
12th Phil Smithard KFO M65 34:07
13th Jonathan Harding ELO M18 34:25
14th Joseph Bartlett INT M16 34:28
15th Paul Hammond FVO M40 34:58
16th Lorna Eades INT W45 37:01
17th Alison Cunningham ESOC W50 37:53
18th Kenneth Daly INT M50 37:56
19th Ian Pyrah ESOC M70 38:11
20th Roger Scrutton ESOC M65 38:22
21st Jen Leonard FVO W45 39:39
22nd Fiona Forrest RR W40 39:52
23rd Tim Day ELO M40 41:20
24th Michael Stewart ESOC M55 41:37
25th Tim Harding ELO M50 41:49
26th Ben Brown ESOC M16 41:54
27th Bill Stevenson ESOC M65 43:31
28th Anne Stevenson ESOC W65 44:23
29th Heather Milne + Euan Stobie + Julian Kerr IND   45:16
30th Mark Kassyk ESOC M55 46:34
31st Calvin Crane ESOC M60 47:42
32nd James Purves RR M55 48:01
33rd Sam McKinnon RR M16 48:31
34th Leah Bartlett INT W14 50:19
35th Michael Atkinson ELO M35 50:38
36th Hanne Robertson ESOC W45 50:51
37th Pascal Lardet FVO M45 54:29
38th Callum Tyler FVO M21 57:12
39th Jennifer Atkinson ELO W35 57:50
40th Jenny Hammond FVO W40 59:13
41st Neil McMillan ELO M21 63:01
42nd Kathleen Lessells ESOC W65 63:41
43rd Judith Pate RR W45 64:38
44th Jim Morrison ESOC M60 64:58
45th Maureen Brown ESOC W65 66:55
46th Victoria Masheder FVO W35 75:20
47th Paul Lawlor ESOC M50 88:21
m9 Ewart Scott ESOC M65 41:57
w7 w13 Alastair Lessells ESOC M65 43:50
m9 Barry Owen INT M65 47:27
m17-18 Fiona Weir INT W45 78:24
w1 Duncan Leishman ELO M45 81:09




Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Matthew Ross INT M14 34:30
2nd Angus Wright ELO M12 35:47
3rd Benji Edmondson ELO M12 37:19
4th Joel Atkinson ELO M10 37:54
5th Sue Langlands IND W45 38:20
6th Pierre Lardet FVO M14 41:11
7th Stanley Flint IND M14 41:15
8th Eloise Lardet FVO W16 41:55
9th Joseph Lawlor ESOC M12 42:29
10th James Hammond FVO M10 43:31
11th Jamie Lawlor ESOC M14 44:17
12th Adam Clark ESOC M12 46:13
13th Heather Milne + Euan Stobie + Julian Kerr IND   46:50
14th Thomas Ross INT M12 50:32
15th John Crosby NATO M70 53:03
16th Ellie + Nicola Dunn ESOC   55:43
17th Rosie Ford + Orla Ambrose + 1 IND W12 57:42
18th Nina Walker & Rachel Brown IND   58:03
19th Abi Edmondson IND W45 59:03
20th Kirsty Blair + Sam King IND   63:01
21st Rory Day   M12 63:08
22nd Philippa Barber ELO W45 69:06
23rd Kirsty Owen INT W14 72:16
rtd Alfred Leishman IND M14  
m15 Jennifer Allison IND W21 41:08
m22 Janet Clark ESOC W75 46:56
m12 Steff Bell IND   50:41
m12 Zoe Leitch IND   50:45
m15 Callum + Rory + Magnus IND   91:48




Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Innes Wright ELO M10 18:10
2nd Lucia, Blaise, Amelia Lawson IND   19:52
3rd Maja Robertson ESOC W10 21:06
4th Joel Atkinson ELO M10 23:14
5th Mark + Jonny Dunn ESOC   31:28
6th Iain, Tom, Ealeanor Stirling IND   32:27
7th Rebecca Hammond FVO W10 36:40
8th Adam + Catherine Rowe + 1 ESOC   40:45
9th Archie Day IND M10 41:43
10th Rachel + Hannah Kirtley IND   42:56
11th Ivan and Sasha Maguire ELO M10 44:09
12th Amanda Eimaiye GAUJIEN W14 46:29
13th Rowan Lawlor ESOC M10 48:06
14th Nina Walker IND W14 49:14
15th Isaac Murdoch IND M10 60:41
16th Reuben Murdoch IND M10 60:44
17th Thomas Owen INT M12 78:58




Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Lucia, Blaise, Amelia Lawson IND   10:33
2nd Graham + Campbell Miller     11:02
3rd Ben Ross INT M10 11:40
4th Emma + Zoe +1     13:20
5th Cosh Family     14:38
6th Sholto, Archie Lawson IND   15:21
7th Jonah Pegg + 1 IND M10 15:36
8th Calum Robertson ESOC M10 15:55
9th Emily Atkinson ELO W10 16:19
10th Karine + Pippa Miller     17:55
11th Cerys Wright ELO W10 19:34
12th Peter Atkinson + 1 ELO M10 19:42
13th Finlay+ Helen Day IND M10 21:53
14th Isaac Murdoch IND M10 23:48
15th Reuben Murdoch + Natalie   M10 23:51
16th Senan Lawlor ESOC M10 24:42
17th Freya Edmondson ELO W10 25:25
18th Zoe Clark ESOC W10 25:35
19th Megan Brown ESOC W10 25:46
20th Innes Wright ELO M10 27:07
21st Thea Thomas ESOC W10 31:20
22nd Amelie+ Alfie + Kathryn Neill ELO W40 33:16
w10 McLaughlin Family IND   22:53
m8 Rory Leitch IND M10 24:02
m8 Jamie + Kenny Leitch IND M10 24:04
w10 m12-13 m15-16 David + Ewan Warner     28:36