4.6km 130m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Keith Brown ESOC M55 40:15
2nd Tyler Morrison ESOC M21 41:19
3rd William Ivory INT M45 47:28
4th Rachel Brown ESOC W14 50:06
5th Derek Bearhop IND M55 51:09
6th Peter Brownsort ELO M55 52:30
7th Kathryn Neill ELO W40 53:09
8th Ian Rowland ELO M55 54:24
9th Simon Riley ELO M55 59:18
10th Jennifer Atkinson ELO W35 59:25
11th Margaret Dalgleish ESOC W65 60:33
12th Angus Ivory INT M14 61:34
13th Katherine Ivory INT W40 61:36
14th Duncan Leishman ELO M45 61:53
15th Kenneth Daly INT M55 62:49
16th Leslie Dalgleish ESOC M65 63:24
17th Jim Morrison ESOC M60 68:28
18th Jamie Thomas ELO M40 73:34
19th Jennifer Allison ESOC W21 76:03
20th Ashley and Lee Curtis ELO M45 79:25
21st Mark Kassyk ESOC M60 79:34
22nd Patrick Squire INT M70 79:49
23rd Ben Brown ESOC M16 82:45
24th Leonne Hutchinson ESOC W45 83:47
25th Elspeth Bleakley ESOC W35 85:20
26th Jamie Wilson IND M55 86:50
27th Bill Gauld ESOC M80 99:04
28th Tina Young INT W60 119:28

Long Orange


6.4km 125m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Megan Wright ELO W40 55:25
2nd David Wright ELO M40 56:41
3rd Raphael Bleakley ESOC M35 58:15
4th Timothy May ESOC M55 73:04
5th Saartje Drijver ELO W50 74:17
6th Katie Noake IND W30 87:03



3.4km 80m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st David Ivory INT M12 31:04
2nd Angus Wright ELO M12 32:16
3rd Angela Tregear ESOC W45 34:31
4th Jamie Lawlor ESOC M14 40:56
5th Angus Harper IND M40 42:03
6th Tara Anderson INT W16 44:06
7th Robert Findlay ESOC M65 44:22
8th Clara Lister INT W14 46:29
9th Heather Taylor INT W14 47:12
10th Colin Riley ELO M12 47:17
11th Joel Atkinson ELO M12 51:52
12th Janet Clark ESOC W75 54:54
13th Jasmine Mitchell INT W16 55:56
14th Fran Humphrey ESOC W65 63:40
15th Duncan Riley ELO W14 72:19
16th Murphy Galvin IND M10 76:00
17th Simon Bamforth IND M21 76:09
18th Jonas Bamforth IND M16 76:16
19th Ulrike Knies-Bamforth IND W21 76:41
20th Annika Bamforth IND W14 76:43
21st Felix Askham IND M12 107:21
rtd Samuel Askham IND M12  
rtd Zoe Doil IND W12  
rtd Charlie Cummings IND M12  
rtd Elliot Dryesdale IND M10  
m3-12 Neil Taylor IND M50 86:44
m3-12 Alex Dryesdale IND   126:15
m3-12 Alice K + Hannah M + Cate W IND   130:58



2.2km 45m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Innes Wright ELO M10 15:04
2nd Emily Atkinson ELO W10 18:53
3rd Lucy and Anna Noake IND   21:21
4th Moxey Family ESOC   21:49
5th Julia and Kyle McDonald IND   23:17
6th Rowan Lawlor ESOC M10 24:57
7th Richard King IND M35 33:48
8th Pippa Murphy + Reuben Harper IND   33:50
9th Ben Davison-Ellis ESOC M10 34:39
10th Robert and Nick Kennedy IND   35:25
11th Reuben and Heath IND   41:49
12th Gilbert Hamaker IND M10 56:11
13th The Thomson Family IND   87:15



1.7km 35m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st James Moxey ESOC M10 12:13
2nd Katie and Craig Rendle IND   13:59
3rd Cerys Wright ELO W10 14:02
4th Austen and Fi Williams IND   15:10
5th Alice and Colin Williams IND   20:21
6th Sean Tucker ELO M10 21:15
7th Isobel Summers IND M10 21:16
8th Senan Lawlor ESOC M10 23:38
9th= Blair Summers IND M10 23:59
9th= Jamie Tucker ELO M10 23:59
11th Marieke Schouwstra IND W21 24:13
12th Ianthe Bleakley ESOC W10 25:36
13th Lachlan Moxey + 1 ESOC M10 26:52
14th Chris and Misha Askham + Katarina Kandalcova IND   38:54
15th= Ed Hides + Rowan Hides ELO   60:29
15th= Gilan Hides IND   60:29
m5 Peter Atkinson ELO M10 23:32