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  • Butterdean is near Gladsmuir village between Tranent and Haddington. It is a flat wood densely planted with conifers and patches of birch or ash. There is a good track and path network. The wood is home to a range of wildlife and some animal sculptures. It is managed by the Woodland Trust and East Lothian Council.

    Please note that we are using a new event base: Parking, Enquiries and Start/Finish are all on the east side of the wood – see detailed directions below.

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  • 2022 membership is now open whether you are renewing your membership or joining ELO for the first time. If you pay now you will be a member until the end of 2022.

    There are two membership options depending on whether you wish to join British Orienteering as well as Scottish Orienteering and ELO…

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  • For longer than most of us can remember ELO have put on a fun orienteering event between Christmas and New Year. As well as finding the controls there has been a puzzle to add to the challenge. A mass start, a social gathering and a lively prize giving have made up for a great way to work off some of the Christmas excesses.

    This year’s Festive Frolic at Levenhall on Tuesday 28th December will be fun and challenging.

    Orienteers of all abilities are welcome to join us on the day when we will have something to suit everyone.


    Planner’s Report

    After Storm Arwen pushed East Champs back two weeks, and threw trees around Yellowcraig, then finding that the security fencing at Levenhall had spread since my last visit, this was very much a dash to the deadline – firstly to get the maps prepared and printed before the Christmas break. Thank you, all, for coming along and for the many thanks and nice comments that have been received.

    While it was December gloomy, we were lucky that the early dampness dried up. Calculating bonus points would have been much more difficult in the rain. Well done to all as you competed in the spirit of a fun event as intended.
    Nevertheless praise should go to –
    1st overall – Sacha Chepelin
    4th/ 2nd Man – Michael Atkinson
    5th/ 3rd Man – Jonathan Ellis

    1st Woman/ 2nd overall – Rona Lindsay
    2nd Woman/ 3rd overall – Kirsten Strain
    3rd Woman/ 1st Junior/6th overall – Emily Atkinson

    Joel Atkinson still managed to be 2nd Junior despite losing about 10 minutes in running back to registration to replace a dud (hired) SIAC part way through.

    The full 40 controls were visited by Sacha, Kirsten, Emily, Terry (STAG) and Phil M; and Jonathan and Duncan E only missed one. Sacha actually visited 64 controls altogether.

    A HUGE thank you to Robin who did amazing things with SI Timing to get the letters to print out, as well as preparing the map for printing and a load of other things; and to Kirsten for getting the bonus points added in, as well as much help with setting up and taking everything down.

    Thank you to Ross, Jamie, Evgueni, Jeff, Duncan/Freya and all the Atkinson family for getting the controls out and/or collected in. Forty controls would have finished me off if I had had to put them out myself!

    Appreciation also to David and Hanne who went in search of, and found, the control stake “K” at the play park which had been thrown into nearby undergrowth. The actual SI unit had been grippled and was still attached to the fence but at ground level and I know some people lost time before spotting it there.

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  • ELO’s club championships for 2021 were run in combination with the ESOA Championships and SoSOL at Vogrie on 11/12/2021.

    Congratulations to all our champions for 2021 …

    • Adult Male – Evgueni Chepelin
    • Adult Female – Jenny Atkinson
    • Junior (Yellow course) – Peter Atkinson
    • Junior (Light Green course) – Emily Atkinson

    Clearly a very successful day for the Atkinson family but also for Matt Bower and daughter Eleanor who each came second in their adult category.

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  • Results

    • Simple results are here.
    • Routegadget allows you to plot your route, either by hand or by downloading a gpx file from a watch or phone and to look where you and others went.
    • Winsplits Online gives another way of comparing your times for each leg.
    • British Orienteering collect results from all events and publish ranking scores for larger events.

    Organiser’s Report

    We are SO glad that we managed to hold the 2021 East of Scotland Championships just in time before we get to 2022. It was touch and go, and many thanks are due to ESOC for postponing their scheduled local event till January to leave the date free for us.

    Michael’s planning was meticulous and the work on Plan B courses in the two weeks between the cancellation and the new date took over his life. Thanks to Jenny and family for lending him to orienteering for the time it took. I heard nothing but praise for his mapping and courses from competitors as they finished. While just over two years ago I spotted the potential for the golf course area when it became a footgolf course, it was Michael who had the idea of mapping the very interesting quarry area and Trina who negotiated with the various landowners there. A map from the 1890s show ‘old quarries’, we have not managed work any further back to find out when they were active.

    Thanks are due to many people. Jo Cooke, the park ranger at Vogrie gave us a lot of help, and the staff of Midlothian Council got the tree works completed just in time for the event to go ahead. Dee McEwan was very cooperative not only in allowing the Blue and Brown courses to cross the track through the stable fields but also keeping horses off the tracks on the day of the event. Kate Robertson of Currie Hill Farm and James Callander of Crichton Mains also allowed us to use their land.

    With the change of dates, some of the ELO team who were to help on the first date had to apologise, but fortunately about an equal number of members who had not been able to enter on the first date, came forward in the last couple of days and offered help, enabling a rota of helpers to be prepared so that everyone who wanted to compete was able to do so. Thank you to Pete Y, Jamie, Jenny, Pete B, Chris, Steph, Duncan, Debbie, Martyn, Victoria, Dermot (and Magnus), Jonah, and of course, Robin who dealt with all the entries and start lists twice through, as well as download and results.

    With 66 controls, 18 warning posts on the golf course and various notices and tapes in the quarry and stable areas and only a short window of daylight after everyone had finished their courses, we were very glad of the team of control collectors – Paul (Interlopers), Joel, Debbie, Duncan, Ian, Neil, Steph and Evgueni – and I was very grateful for everyone who not only packed up the kit from start, string, download, first aid and prizegiving but also carried everything across to the car park for me.

    Two weeks till the Festive Frolic!

    Planner’s Report

    Little did I know in November 2019 when I agreed to plan this event at Vogrie that it would be subject to so much disruption. First covid meant that the ESOA Champs couldn’t take place in November 2020, then a local score event rearranged for September 2020 using the golf course extension was cancelled by the local levels changing in Midlothian the week before the event and finally Storm Arwen prevented the event taking place in November 2021. Here we are in December and thanks to many many people it finally took place. 

    It was lovely to have permission from Vogrie and from neighbouring landowners to extend the map into the golf course and the former quarries to the south. Hopefully almost everyone was able to experience new parts of Vogrie that were previously unknown to them. 

    Storm Arwen caused a panic two weeks ago! My thanks go to Sheila Strain and Roger Scrutton who helped to place the controls on the Friday morning before the storm hit and then for returning on Sunday to pick up the units again in the snow and put them back out again the day before the event actually took place. The Organiser and Controller definitely spent more time in the forest than normal. We had to replan a “plan B” of courses because of dangerous trees closing two paths but thanks go to Midlothian Council for getting the tree surgery done so quickly to allow the park to be fully open for the event!

    It was a privilege to plan in an area of contrasting runnability and it was interesting to see that the transitions, particularly into the golf course did cause some time losses. It was good too see younger children enjoying the string, white and yellow courses, especially those who had gone along having intended to go to the ESOC event which was kindly moved to accommodate the championships. We hope you enjoyed a taste of a larger event and that we’ll see you again soon. 

    The map and the courses benefited greatly from carefully thought through feedback from the controller, Roger Scrutton, and the day was a better one for that so I would like to finish by thanking him for his input.

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  • It was great to see so many new faces at today’s event despite the poor early weather and the muddy conditions underfoot.

    Many thanks to all the competitors, to Godfrey Beddard for planning the courses, and to the many helpers involved in setting up and conducting the event as well as collecting controls afterwards.

    There were many appreciative comments about Godfrey’s courses although some people found the Light Green tougher than expected from a partially urban course.


    • Simple results are here.
    • Routegadget allows you to plot your route, either by hand or by downloading a gpx file from a watch or phone and to look where you and others went.
    • Winsplits Online gives another way of comparing your times for each leg.
    • British Orienteering collect results from all events and publish ranking scores for larger events.
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  • Many thanks to the very healthy turnout of members who took part in our ELO AGM held over Zoom on 13th October. Most of the existing offfice holders were re-elected to continue in post but Jamie Wilson takes over as the new club Chair. Under the unusual circumstances the agenda was again slightly shorter than usual but we managed to make all the required decisions. Full minutes are here.

    Remember that the ESOA (East of Scotland Orienteering Association) AGM will be held in person on Thursday 4th November 2021 from 19:00 at The Steading at Hillend west of Edinburgh. ELO is part of ESOA so all our members are invited and entitled to attend that meeting too.

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