Festive Frolic: Levenhall Links
Monday 28 December 2020

Festive Frolic: Levenhall Links  Monday 28 December 2020


These simple results show how you ranked based on the time of your run and penalty of 2 minutes for each control you should have passed.
This page shows the results (pdf) after giving the bonus 2 minutes for each item you matched to the correct site.
This sheet (pdf) shows the correct answers for the Christmas Items / Control Description puzzle.

More details of the results and a report will be added later. Contact us if you see any problems.

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Vogrie Country Park
Saturday 28 November 2020

Vogrie Country Park  Saturday 28 November 2020  Cancelled

With regret we have had to cancel or at least postpone this event. Following the announcement that Midlothian does not move into level 2 along with East Lothian this week it has become impossible to stage the event.

Anyone who has already entered will be contacted by email regarding refunds.

We still hope to stage the event in the near future if the changing CoVid regulations make that possible.

Many thanks to our planner, Michael Atkinson, who set up this event at short notice after we decided we could not host the scheduled SoSOL & ESOA Champs on this weekend .

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North Berwick Law
Saturday 31 October 2020

North Berwick Law  Saturday 31 October 2020

Thanks to all who came and the many helpers on CoVid measures, timing, starts and control collection.

Here are some comments by the course planner, Saartje Drijver:

Judging by the feedback I received at the finish banner, today’s event was a success. It was good to see such an even spread across the courses. Some commented on how much more varied the area was than they had appreciated. Most importantly all orienteers are accounted for.

The main learning from my first attempt at planning an event is to see the area from a visitor’s point of view rather than from a local perspective. For instance, I really did not expect any Light Green runners to go through the deep marsh when there is a gate that takes you through a dry strip of communal land – sorry about that.

I would welcome entries on Routegadget to learn about the choices people made.


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Saltoun Big Wood
Saturday 26 September 2020

Saltoun Big Wood  Saturday 26 September 2020

This was our second Saturday event after the easing of the virus restrictions. It was staged using the same methods of meeting the distancing and hygiene requirements as at last month’s event – except that this time we were able to include some juniors and their families from other local clubs.

Thanks to everyone who attended and co-operated with the special arrangements. Remember to check for ticks.



Organiser’s Report

Everyone seemed to be unanimous that it was great to be out in a real tough orienteering forest, despite finding in places that the brambles were more of a hindrance than a tasty snack! The sun shone, the woods looked wonderful and with 50 starters spread over 90 minutes the current troubles seemed far away.

Thank you to Peter Brownsort who originally planned the courses for use in April and had to spend some extra time checking and updating them for autumn use, to Sir Francis Ogilvy and Winton Estate for access to the wood, and to Keith Stuart for the use of the hardstanding for parking. Thanks also to the volunteers: Trina, Robin, Pete Y, Jamie, Duncan, Jeff, Ross, Ian, David, Hanne and Michael.

Planner’s Report

As a first-time planner it was very satisfying to sit in the sun at the finish on Saturday and hear from many of you that my courses had actually worked out. Despite the thorns and the scratches, it looked like most of you enjoyed them, at least in some way. So thank you all for coming out, and for the feedback. And my particular thanks to Trina, Robin and Sheila for mentoring me through the planning, mapping and general organising aspects; and to Hanne, David and Ian for collecting and sorting controls on Saturday afternoon.

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Barns Ness
Saturday 29 August 2020

Barns Ness  Saturday 29 August 2020

It was great to see everyone back to the first post-lockdown event in the East of Scotland. Thank you to the Council Ranger for facilitating this.

Well done to Godfrey for planning the courses and to Colin for helping him put out and collect in the controls.

Everyone seemed to be delighted to be getting the opportunity to be orienteering again although the excuse of “being rusty” was being used to explain the navigational errors!

The splits printer was working to begin with and we don’t know (yet) why it sulked and stopped printing but you can find your splits with the results and laugh at the variously variable times recorded.

Thank you to the Start team – Michael, Ian and Jamie for setting  up and running the start and for cleaning all the start equipment and units at the end.

Well done to everyone for participating within the safety guidelines with good humour all round!


Although there are no results on display today and the splits printer refused to work, we hope you found them online. Final versions are now available –

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SprintELOpe Series Results
July & August 2020

SprintELOpe Series Results  July & August 2020

You can view the live results for the SprintELOpe series on this page.

If you have used MapRun then your results will appear automatically. If MapRun thinks you have mispunched (and you didn’t) or you have just timed yourself then you can let us know your result for any of the SprintELOpe courses by filling in this online form and your result will then appear!

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Butterdean Wood, Gladsmuir
Saturday 29 February 2020

Butterdean Wood, Gladsmuir  Saturday 29 February 2020


It was great to see so many people including lots of first timers and new club members at this event. And weren’t we lucky with the weather?

Thanks to everyone who came and to the many teams of helpers (mappers, coaches, computing, meet-and-greeters, control collectors) involved in putting on a complex day – a junior training programme followed by a traditional orienteering event. And because the assembly area has to be some way from the wood it is an extra challenge to stage any event at Butterdean. There were a few glitches but we hope you enjoyed the event overall.

If you were asked to pass on your Butterdean map but would like a replacement to keep then pick one up at our next event at Binning Wood on 28th March.

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Festive Frolic: John Muir Country Park
Saturday 28 December 2019

Festive Frolic: John Muir Country Park  Saturday 28 December 2019

John Muir Country Park is a wonderful area for orienteering. The woods have an excellent path network and the fringe of dunes covered by spiky marram grass provides a technical challenge.


The Festive Frolic is a chance to burn off some of that Christmas turkey in a fun event with a festive twist. As usual there will be a score orienteering event (find as many controls as possible within an hour) which is open to all! There will be a mass start at 11am.

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SoSOL: Duns Wood
Sunday 24 November 2019

SoSOL: Duns Wood  Sunday 24 November 2019


Thanks to everyone who came – and especially to Lindsey Knox for being event Controller, to Alick Hay of Duns Castle for permission to use the woods, to Duns Rugby Club for use of their palatial facilities, and to the many ELO members and family who put in a long shift to make the event possible. Coffee & Cake (& soup!) stall raised £65 for Parkinson’s UK

Ian Rowland’s courses were well received as was Godfrey Beddard’s update on the map. And – despite the mud – everybody enjoyed the beautiful woods.

Lost property: A Sprayway coat in black and grey with a navy Rab jacket lining,  a pair of Scarpa trainers

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North Berwick Law
Saturday 26 October 2019

North Berwick Law  Saturday 26 October 2019


We have now distinguished those who took the Odd-Even Score Challenge.

Thanks to everyone who came from near and far (Sweden! Preston!) and to all the helpers especially Robin and Sheila Strain and Jamie Wilson who were kept very busy on a sunny October afternoon.

Apologies for my error in transposing two SI boxes (133 and 134) on the Score course and I hope it didn’t delay you for too long.

Congratulations to Daniel Halliday for completing the Score clean sweep and rose to the Challenge of doing all the Odds before the Evens – and braved the gorse in shorts!

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