2011 Results

27 December 2011

Yellowcraig, Direlton

ELO thank you for joining us for our traditional Festive Frolic.

15 October 2011

Butterdean Wood, Gladsmuir

20 August 2011

Levenhall, Prestonpans

Thanks to everyone who came and we hope you enjoyed your run in the sun. Apologies to those of you confused by the incomplete mapping round number 15 on Lime.

25 June 2011

Yellowcraigs, Dirleton

30 April 2011

Vogrie Country Park, Gorebridge

27 February 2011

SoSOL 5 – John Muir Country Park

Planner’s comments

We had hoped to extend the map before using John Muir Country Park again for a SoSOL. In 2011 we were scheduled to use Lothian Edge but access there would have been a problem  in the event of the severe weather continuing – so in January we made a late change to JM CP.

Since we last used this venue access across the sensitive marsh area has been prohibited and that has further restricted the course setting options in what is already a rather limited area. I didn’t want to use a map exchange – but that made it a struggle to set the harder courses as sufficiently long. The Brown course visited all corners of the map – and still ends up at the short end of the recommended range. It was tempting to put in lots of short legs to extend the length but that would have eliminated most route decisions.

It’s always hard to find new TD5 sites here and several weeks of snow cover have crushed much of the undergrowth leaving the woods particularly fast and open at the moment.

Enough of the excuses. I hope you enjoyed your course in a glorious part of the country.

Many thanks to Trina Rogerson for all her advice and help as Organiser and to Robin Strain for his patient experience and expertise as he stepped into the breach when it proved impossible to find an external Controller.

Pete Younger