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East Lothian Orienteers

East Lothian Orienteers (ELO)

ELO are one of Scotland's smaller orienteering clubs. We offer a welcome to all persons, young and old, with an interest in orienteering. If you are based in Edinburgh or the Lothians or just visiting the area come and join us for one of our regular orienteering events.

Use the links on the left to explore our web and learn about us, our activities, and how to join us at Scotland's friendly club!

There are details of more local orienteering on the East of Scotland web site






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Latest results

28 June 2014

John Muir Country Park, Dunbar

A range of courses to suit all abilities from beginners to experts followed by a barbecue.

Many thanks to all competitors today and to the many ELO members who helped put the event on.

Apologies to early starters on Green who didn't get a warning about the position of control 122 and to anyone who met too many nettles.




7 June 2014

Binning Wood

Definitely drier than in November (at least until the very end and when the controls were beling collected in, a large number of ELO members took part, together with some potential members and spme friends from other clubs.



26 April 2014

Vogrie Country Park

Vogrie is an area with many different types of terrain and there will be 4 courses - White (1.6 km), Yellow (2.5 km), Orange (3.1 km) and Green (5.3 km) which will cater for all levels of orienteers, from beginners to experts.

Starts from 1 to 3pm. Cost from £2 for unaccompanied juniors to £5 for groups.

SPORTident electronic timing chips will be used and can be borrowed free of charge (although as loss will be charged at £30, look after it!)

Vogrie was looking just great when Sheila  was planning the courses, spring flowers everywhere, birds singing their hearts out (and the sun was shining then as well, let's hope it does that on Saturday).

Note that any profit that we make from this event is being donated to Mary's Meals, a Scottish-based charity which provides a simple school meal for children in Malawi, Kenya and now many other countries.  £12 provides a meal for a child every school day for a year, and provides an incentive to attend school.

Parking in the summer costs £1 at a machine where you purchase a token which you then use to get the barrier to raise.




5 April 2014

North Berwick Lodge Grounds

A small area not used for orienteering for many years has been remapped. There will be White, Yellow and Orange courses with starts from 2 to 3 pm. The grounds are now run by East Lothian Council and are mainly parkland with wooded edges with historic restored gardens, aviary and children's play area.

Results are available in several forms.
Have a look at the different displays.
Routegadget is an app which allows you to plot your route onto the map and compare with where others went. There is a guide to how to use it on the RouteGadgetUK website.

Note that instead of disqualifying anyone who missed a control or went to the wrong one, we have added a two minute penalty. Perhaps you will take more care the next time!
Simple results





1 February 2014

Levenhall Links

The weather may not have been as good as earlier in the day, but compared with what some areas have had, we were relatively lucky, although some people did get caught in the windy showers. Thirty-five people competed over the four courses set out. Well done to Martyn for his first planning of an open event and to Andy Duff for putting out the controls.

It was great to have the facilities of the Outdoor Education Centre. Thank you to them for making us welcome. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a base like that on the edge of every orienteering area!

Levenhall Links is an interesting area in that the whole of the western part, the main section of the map, has been built up over the years from the ash from Cockenzie Power Station. Old maps show the racecourse as being on the shore originally. The sea wall was built and then the lagoons were filled with the ash slurry which was pumped from Cockenzie and sprayed out. As the sections were filled, they were landscaped, forming the pond and the bird sanctuary (the out of bounds area just east of the pond). Now that the power station has closed, the remaining dark ashy bits should gradually become more attractive. 

Those who did the Long Orange course visited control 148 which was in the old Morrison’s Haven, a once-thriving harbour which was infilled for safety reasons after it fell into disuse in the early twentieth century. Prior to that, the area around the harbour was an industrial site with chemical based factories, making sulphuric acid, soap, glass etc.

You will see that as well as the link to the results, there are links to WinSplits and to Routegadget. If you have not used these before they are worth exploring. Routegadget gives you the chance to draw onto the map the route you actually took between each control, and to compare your route and split time with those of others. Was your route the fastest?

Thank you for the £16 raised for Mary’s Meals by everyone who ‘paid’ for their drink or cake with a donation into the Big Blue Mug.
Simple results



Coming events

23 August
Prestongrange Mining Museum Family Activity Day
is not being held this year so we will not be putting on Orienteering there on this date.

1/8 November 2014

Lochend Woods, Dunbar (tbc)

30 November 2014

SoSOL Saltoun (tbc)

28 December

Festive Frolic, John Muir Country Park (tbc)

We hope to remove many of the (tbc) comments in the near future

Past events

28 December 2013

Festive Frolic 2013
Vogrie Country Park

What a great day! 24 hours earlier we would have been blown away and/or drowned and the Cafe would have been shut.
We think you enjoyed today's puzzle, even if - or perhaps  because - it was more straightforward than some. Let us know.
The planner and organising team had a mis-communication. The max points for beads should have been 150 not 180 and some results have been altered to take account of this.
Best wishes for 2014

Simple results, list of controls visited and splits

All controls map
Control pairing
Clues (all pdf)


17 November 2013

Duns Wood, East of Scotland Championships and SoSOL2

The second event in this season’s South of Scotland Orienteering League also gave runners in the ESOA clubs the chance to become East of Scotland Orienteering Champions and to take away one of the trophies.

Comments from Organiser, Controller and Planner
Trophy Winners (pdf)

Simple Results and Splits

SoSOL Points
BOF ranking points

Duns Cartoon Picture Course Results


Details (pdf)

2 Nov 2013

Binning Wood

Binning Wood in its autumn colours was looking wonderful, especially in the beech wood parts, and although there were some muddy parts, particularly on one leg of the white course, the wood was generally much more pleasant underfoot that it was last November.
The dreadful weather forecast, combined with a glut of recent events giving 'event fatigue' to some of our regular competitors meant a smaller than expected turn out, but after a heavy downpour just as we were pitching the tent, the weather improved and was much better than expected.
Thanks for all the good comments when you finished; glad you enjoyed it

24 August 2013

Prestongrange Museum Family Activities Day

Once again we put on a simple introductory orienteering, fitting in with all the other exciting activities.
We could have made it clearer that you have to check that you are at the right control point as several of you wnet to a different one instead and your results show "mp" for mis-punched.

22 June 2013


Planner's Comments
Thanks to all who attended and braved the combination of heat and showers - and BBQ.
Despite recent map updates by Ian Pyrah and by Robin the Yellowcraig area is changing rapidly and it is hard to keep up to date with the changes - eg the track punched through the woods last week just a few metres from the Finish!
The programme of buckthorn removal has left a legacy of huge brashings heaps which are very distinctive just now but aren't permanent features (I hope). So I decided not to use the eastern dunes where a few small thickets remain amongst the debris.
Apologies to those of you who found the tall nettles too intimidating in the southern section. We did try to forewarn via the website and on the day. That particular area is changing in character and we would welcome suggestions on how to represent its combination of tree planting and very lush tussock grass.
Pete Younger

The complex area of dunes and woodland offered a challenge to anyone running there.  There will be a BBQ after the event to which all are invited.
Starts from 12:00 to 2:00.
Pete has planned courses from White to Lime (aka Light green). There is buckthorn management going on at Yellowcraig, but hopefully none of the thickets he is using will be removed in the next week. What is certain is that the nettles will grow and shorts are not recommended on the Orange and Lime courses

27 April 2013

Vogrie Country Park

An excellent turnout of expert, occasional and beginning orienteers enjoyed a glorious day at Vogrie and Julian's courses received much praise.
Thanks for coming.

2nd March 2013

Lochend Wood, Dunbar

This event was in the Local Events in Edinburgh and the Lothians series which are designed for beginners to have an introduction to the sport as well as giving more experienced orienteers an opportunity to develop their skills.

The area has a mixture of woodland with a complex path network which
are most runnable at this time of year and more open areas. The longer courses visited an urban section
Location map


Older results

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