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Saltoun Woods
Saturday 24 November 2018

Our November local event will be in the wonderful Saltoun Woods.  Tracks, paths and rides split up the woodland into small blocks of varied character – deciduous, coniferous and mixed.

There will be courses for orienteers of all abilities from White (for young beginners), Yellow and Orange (for adventurous adults) up to a proper Green (TD5) course in the tougher forest terrain.

Everyone is welcome to join us with starts from 1:30 pm until 2:30 pm.

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Membership 2019

This is the perfect time to join ELO or to renew your membership for 2019.

New members joining now get 14 months membership – until the end of December 2019.

There are two membership options depending on whether you wish to join British Orienteering as well as ELO and Scottish Orienteering…

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ESOA Championships and INTrepid 2018

Interlopers staged a big weekend of orienteering in the Livingston area at the start of November…

Saturday 3rd November – SOUL – urban style orienteering in the Scottish Urban Orienteering League

Sunday 4th November – SoSOL incorporating ESOA (East of Scotland) Championships

There were strong performances by ELO members on both days including…

  • SOUL – first place for Emily Atkinson and second places for Joel Atkinson and for Robin Strain
  • ESOA Champs – wins for both Sheila and Robin Strain

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Lochend Woods, Dunbar
Saturday 27 October 2018

Our October local event took place in the woods and streets in the south of Dunbar, with registration at Hallhill Sports Centre.

Having a Score event rather than the usual linear courses confused some but proved a welcome change for others. Thanks to everyone who came and to the many ELO members who helped before, during and afterwards. We had some technical glitches but hope nobody had to wait too long in the cold to register or download.

Over £45 was raised for charity by Anna Harding’s baking – her cakes were vegan and delicious.


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It’s that time of year again – with both ELO and ESOA holding their 2018 AGMs during October.

ELO’s AGM was held at the Outdoor Learning base near Musselburgh racecourse on Wednesday 24th October at 18:30.

Many thanks to all who attended. The minutes are here so everyone can see what was reported and discussed

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Butterdean Wood
Saturday 29 September 2018

Our September event was at Butterdean Wood on Saturday 29th September.

Attendance was again helped by junior training preceding the event and there was a good mixture of ELO members and new faces. Godfrey’s courses were well appreciated and managed to wring every ounce of difficulty of what can appear to be a limited area.


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Improve your Orienteering…
Saturday 29 September 2018

You may have seen lots of juniors getting the chance to have some coaching and do some training before some of our events and maybe you’ve wished that you could have the same opportunity as them.  Well, on Saturday we have a chance for everyone to improve their orienteering.

Join us a little bit earlier than usual at 12:30pm at Butterdean on Saturday 29th September for a chance to do a training exercise in the woods before you go out on a normal course.

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Happy Birthday Sheila

Sheila Strain recently celebrated a significant birthday and chose to share the event with participants at ESOC’s Ultra Sprint event at Bush Estate.

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Saturday 25 August 2018


We hate running out of maps, and we must apologise to those of you who had to run a different course from your first choice, who had to wait for a pre-loved map or who graciously gave up your map after your run. Thank you.

You can see your course by visiting the Routegadget site. If you would like a fresh map, please let us know using the Contact Us page.

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Barns Ness
Saturday 30 June 2018


Barns Ness and Whitesands consist of coastal grass along with a mixture of sandy and rocky shorelines.  The area has had limeworks for centuries, and as you explore the area you’ll see a number of 18th-century limekilns.

Orienteers of all abilities are welcome to join us on the afternoon of Saturday 30 June where we will have a range of courses to suit everyone.

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Jamie Stevenson Trophy

The Jamie Stevenson Orienteering Competition was held up in Braemar on 17th June. The courses were just for juniors and ELO had a very small team of just three people:

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