CompassSport Trophy
Sunday 18th Feb 2024

CompassSport Trophy  Sunday 18th Feb 2024

Some of the ELO team celebrating 2023's strong result

Thanks and congratulations to all our runners today. Lots of strong individual performances and an overall position of 8th out of 15 clubs in the CompassSport Trophy.

Our standout performer was Joel Atkinson who won his course and so scored the maximum 100 points. His brother Peter scored 96 and Benji Edmondson 95 so it was a day when our younger members did us proud.

The terrain at Birnam was tougher than is usual for this event – some very steep slopes and also dense bracken covering the flatter areas. So it’s commendable that all our runners completed their courses – no mis-punches.

In 2023 we came 5th and the lower position this year is due to not filling our quota of 13 possible scoring runners. Let’s aim to have plenty of runners across all courses in next year’s event.

Advance information:

All ELO members are invited to enter the Scottish heat of this year’s CompassSport Trophy. It is being staged by at Birnam near Dunkeld on Sunday 18th Feb 2024 by FVO.

The CompassSport Trophy is an inter-club competition. Any member can score points for the club by entering and completing your ‘correct’ course (see the list of course categories below).

Last year ELO had a very strong result – coming 5th out of 15 Scottish clubs competing in the Trophy category. 

Lifts and car-sharing will be available on the day and add to the team flavour of this popular event.

Please sign up for this year’s event before the entry deadline of 4th February

Only two runners from each club can score points on any single course. So it is important to have both male and female runners right across the age range to maximise our scoring potential on all the courses available.

Here’s a link to the full competition rules for 2024.

This is a list of the age categories for each course …

Class / Course BOF Age Class

1 Brown Men Open

2 Short Brown M20-  M40+

3 Blue Women Women Open

4 Blue Men M50+

5 Green Women W20- W45+

6 Green Men M60+

7 Veterans Short Green M70+ W60+

8A Junior men (Green) Men 18-

8B Junior Women (Short Green) Women 18-

9A Ornage Men Men 14-

9B Orange Women Women 14-

10 Super Vets Short Green M80+ W70+

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