ELO club championships 2019

This year, for the first time, we are holding a club championship and we want as many ELO members as possible to take part.

The club champions for 2019 will be the ELO members who perform best on the day at Scottish Orienteering League (SOL) event on the North Pentland Hills being staged by ESOC on Sunday 22nd September. Online entries are open until 6pm on Thursday 19th September. Entry on the day is not guaranteed so make sure you enter before the deadline.

It’s unusual to have a SOL so close to Edinburgh and to East Lothian. If you have only run at local events so far this is an excellent opportunity to move on to something bigger – and possibly become one of our club champions.

We will identify 5 champions on the day …

  • Female adult
  • Male adult
  • Junior running Yellow course
  • Junior running Orange course
  • Junior running Light Green course

For the adult categories (born 2003 or earlier) the winners will be those whose runs on the day gain the most BOF Ranking points (for non-BOF members we will calculate how many points you would have gained).

For the junior categories (born 2004 or later) the winners will be the highest placed runners on their respective courses. You must run your ‘natural’ course (ie not run an easier than usual course) and you must not be shadowed.

We don’t have trophies or prizes lined up so this is just for a glory year of being the ELO club champion in your category.

If you aren’t sure about the difference between local events and SOLs then please use the Contact Us link above and we will give you all the help you need.

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