ESOA Championships and INTrepid 2018

ESOA Championships and INTrepid 2018

Robin and Sheila Strain receiving their ESOA Championship trophies

Interlopers staged a big weekend of orienteering in the Livingston area at the start of November…

Saturday 3rd November – SOUL – urban style orienteering in the Scottish Urban Orienteering League

Sunday 4th November – SoSOL incorporating ESOA (East of Scotland) Championships

There were strong performances by ELO members on both days including…

  • SOUL – first place for Emily Atkinson and second places for Joel Atkinson and for Robin Strain
  • ESOA Champs – wins for both Sheila and Robin Strain

As ELO is part of the ESOA all members can run competitively in these championships. To win your category you must run the correct course for your Age-class.

M10 Yellow W10 Yellow
M12 Orange W12 Orange
M14 Light Green W14 Light Green
M16 Blue W16 Green
M18 Brown W18 Blue
M20 Brown W20 Blue
M21 Brown W21 Blue
M35 Brown W35 Blue
M40 Brown W40 Blue
M45 Blue W45 Green
M50 Blue W50 Green
M55 Blue W55 Green
M60 Blue W60 Green
M65 Green W65 Short Green
M70 Green W70 Short Green
M75+ Short Green W75+ Short Green

The pre-entry deadline has now passed but there will be entry on the day (EOD) subject to map availability.

As with many championships there are some categories which are very hotly contested but in others there are few runners – in fact there were no completed runs in M20, M21, W20 or W40 last year. So get along and you may be taking home a handsome trophy.

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