EUOC Big Weekend
SoSOL 2!

Last weekend saw a series of orienteering events in Edinburgh organised by EUOC – Edinburgh University’s orienteering club. Although the whole event was very heavily subscribed there were surprisingly few ELO entrants for Sunday’s SoSOL on Arthur’s Seat.

The ground was steep and slippery though the going wasn’t quite as bad as it might have been expected after such a wet winter. Congratulations must go to everyone concerned with a successful event and particularly to the map updaters – even complex details of the many gorse bushes were accurately represented.

For ELO the star performer was Benji Edmondson who came 5th on the Orange course. His dad Duncan was the fastest of ELO’s three runners on Brown which is the longest course.

Sheila Strain was heavily involved on Sunday as the independent race Controller. But she was able to run in the urban events on the preceding days and came 4th in her course on Saturday. Duncan Leishman also coped well his first attempt at urban orienteering.

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