Upcoming events

Upcoming events

Craig a'Barns

ELO is not staging any events in July or August this year. This unusually long gap is because we have completed our contributions to the Sprintelope series and (courtesy of Sheila Strain) delivered a full programme for junior groups – and because we have agreed to move our next local event at Yellowcraig from the end of August into September.

But there is plenty of orienteering going on. As well as the usual range of events staged by other clubs in the Edinburgh area, 2019 sees the biennial Scottish 6 Days event taking place not far away in Perthshire.

Here are some dates for ELO members to look forward to …

  • 28th July to 3rd August – Scottish 6 Days including …
  • 2nd August – Craig a’Barns –  a World Ranking event and our designated day for helping
  • 7th September – Yellowcraig – our next local event – to be followed by a BBQ
  • 21st September – Binning Wood – Veteran Home Internationals (VHI) Relays – a closed event with ELO helping
  • 22nd September – Pentlands – SOL5 & VHI Individuals – and our inaugural club championship
  • 24th November – Duns Woods – ELO’s SoSOL will be the 6th and final one of the 2019 series



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