Rankings watch

Rankings watch

"Orienteering" by Luigi Mengato is licensed under CC BY 2.0

2023 starts with three ELO members in the top 500 of the British Orienteering (BOF) rankings. Thomas Brownsort is our top-ranked member with Ross Lyall and Joel Atkinson close behind.

In the past we have rarely had more than one or two people in the top 1000 so this is an encouraging sign of rising standards – particularly for our younger members.

Pos. Name M/F Points
1 (419 +1) Thomas Brownsort M 7400
2 (456) Ross Lyall M 7360
3 (479 -1) Joel Atkinson M 7332
4 (916 +1) Peter Brownsort M 6868
5 (1085 +1) Michael Atkinson M 6711
6 (1208 +1) Jennifer Atkinson F 6593
7 (1254) Robin Strain M 6560
8 (1270 -2) Pete Younger M 6547
9 (1520 -3) Tim Harding M 6320
10 (1877 -8) Sheila Strain F 5967

Some of our top runners are currently short of the full six qualifying scores so they may soon jump up to join those four at the top.

To appear in the rankings you need to be at least 16 and compete at a regional event (or higher). You also need to be a member of BOF – not just of SOA. Your best six scores within the previous 12 months count to your ranking position.

The rankings are designed to compare performances across events. So you would gain more points for coming 10th in an event against a very strong field of highly ranked runners than for winning a race against competitors ranked lower than yourself.

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