SOL 1 Gullane (Interlopers)

There was an excellent turnout of ELO members on ‘home’ territory for INT’s first event in the 2015 Scottish Orienteering League. The weather was blustery and chilly but remained bright except for a short shower on the later starters.

The terrain is mostly dunes with narrow paths through impenetrable thickets of buckthorn although there are patches of surprisingly dense conifers. And soft sand underfoot does not make for the easiest running. For this event INT have extended the mapped area south west into and beyond the thin coastal strip hemmed in by Gullane golf course. This was a very welcome addition which introduced more varied terrain including some novel man-made features and a complex series of rocky headlands.

ELO had runners on every course except Black. The obvious standout performance was by Sheila Strain in comfortably winning the Short Green course.

Several other members put in creditable times which will improve their BOF Rankings when the weekly update is published. In some cases newer members will be appearing on the rankings for the first time.

Full results etc are available here.

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