SOSOL 3 Croy Hill

Seven ELO members took part in SoSOL 3 at Croy Hill near Cumbernauld. The terrain was a mix of boggy open ground and steep wet hillsides with a generous scattering of boulders.
Everyone had solid runs and completed their courses successfully. The pick of the ELO bunch was Robin Strain on Green comfortably in the top half of the finishers.
Full details:-
28 Jack Poole 1:31:42
36 Ian Rowland 1:46:54
36 Pete Younger 1:18:03
39 Tim Harding 1:23:54
42 Sheila Strain 1:27:21
15 Robin Strain 1:03:48
29 Trina Rogerson 1:19:54

There would have been eight ELO runners but one person forgot to pack his O shoes. Oops

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