Tinto Twin

Saturday night, Carmichael Estate, Lanark. Head torches on and into the dark! And dark it was, and a blow-your-cobwebs-away breeze on the top of Carmichael Hill. A few controls on the open, then some more into the more sheltered woods before finishing by the farm where delicious hot thick soup awaited us.

Courses were ‘middle distance’. Robin zipped round his 3.1 km Short Blue in 54:59. I had more troubles including a frustrating four attempts to find an easy-peasy little knoll just 50 metres from the ruin of Carmichael House and took 62:33 for just 2.4 km.

Sunday morning, and we parked at a nice service station behind the M74 where registration was in a lovely warm café. Ten minutes walk took us to Happendon Wood, a small but perfectly formed area with some lovely runnable wood, some more slow to run marshy areas and some contours.

BROWN course: 12th Jack Poole 80:26 for 6.2 km
BLUE course:  17th  Pete Younger 100:59 for 5.5 km
SHORT BLUE course: 21st Robin Strain 58:19; 31st Neil McMillan 92:31;  Trina Rogerson 63:40 but failed to punch control 2. 3.4 km
GREEN course: 3rd Sheila Strain 37:39 for 2.6 km

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