Gosford Estate
Saturday 28th April 2018

Join us on Saturday afternoon at a brand new area for orienteering in East Lothian: Gosford Estate.

Gosford is a privately-owned estate stretching between the East Lothian villages of Longniddry and Aberlady.  The area is roughly comma-shaped, containing 18th-Century Gosford House and its park in the centre, sections of farmland, and surrounding deciduous woodland. Although the event will stay away from the House itself (which is not open on the day), the parkland contains many interesting features such as ornamental ponds, ha-has, a mausoleum, a grotto, and an ex-POW camp! This particular event will use the eastern half of our new map, which boasts only a few contour features, but has a complex network of paths and ditches in the northern part, and more traditional woodland on the periphery. The woods are quite runnable at this time of year.

Sample of Gosford Estate map

A sample of the Gosford Estate map

Subject to final tweaks, we are offering the following courses (all with negligible climb):

White 1.2 km
Yellow 2.2 km
Orange 2.5 km
Light Green 3.9 km
Greenish 5.4 km

Although the Greenish course is an extended version of the Light Green, and is not true TD5, the extension visits an area none of the other courses go into, with slightly trickier controls.

To make a day of it, the excellent Gosford Bothy Farm Shop and Café is a 1km walk from assembly (although that walk will take you through the competition area, so if you visit the cafe before your run, you might want to go round by road instead; you may also wish to know that last food orders are at 3:30pm sharp!).

The photograph here was taken later in the year!  There is no bracken in the woods at the moment, although a few nettles are just beginning to show, and some of the more open areas have scattered small brambles (the courses try to avoid these).  The ground was quite muddy underfoot during the wet weather, but is now drying out rapidly.  There are several wooden bridges which may be wet if it rains.  And all courses run very close to water features of various kinds (ponds, ditches): it is impossible to avoid these and still have sensible courses, so please be aware of this when deciding whether to accompany juniors or not.

We are parking near the location below, with entry through the nearby gate from the A198.

Parking will be free.  It is also possible to get to the event by bus (East Coast Buses Edinburgh/North Berwick service; use the “Pleasance” stop in Aberlady, then close your eyes when walking from the Bothy to assembly!) or by train to Longniddry (with a pleasant 3km walk through the woods in the southern part of the Estate; enter by the West Lodge gate).

Nearest toilets are at the Bothy.

There are several private dwellings on the Estate, and a wedding is taking place in the House itself on the day of our event.  Please observe all out-of-bounds areas strictly, throughout the day.

More details will appear shortly.

Many thanks to Wemyss and March Estates for granting us the opportunity to map and run in this area.

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