Festive Frolic
Monday 28th December

Great turnout at this year’s opportunity to burn off the excess Christmas pudding held at the John Muir Country Park.

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christmas_pudding[1]Registration will be in the café at the East Links Family Park which you might also like to visit while we work out the results. Registration from 10 to 10:45 with a mass start at 11am. Entries £6 senior, £3 junior. Pre-entry at Oentries will save us and you a lot of time on the day and will not be closed until midnight before the event.

The event is being planned by Godfrey Beddard (shock horror, not Sheila and Robin). As well as a Yellow course, there will be two Score courses: 50 and 70 minutes. We know now that there will be just one score map for both the 50 and 70 minutes, and that the straight line route round all controls is about 10.5 km.

Prizes will be awarded to the leading Supervets and Juniors on the 50 minutes and Seniors on the 70 minutes and to other notable performances.   The number of prizes will be a reflection of the number of pre-entries.

Of course, there will be a slight twist to the rules to give you an additional challenge. Knowing the eleven times table will be an advantage, as will being able to count upwards. A red pen may be a useful aid (remember when these were as essential part of your kit?).

There are a few more details in the PDF below.  It is unlikely that we will provide many more details, but come back here just in case!

Merry Christmas from ELO!

Final Details

Downloadable version (pdf)

Festive Frolic 2015 – John Muir & Foxlake

Mon 28th December 2015

Info updated: 22nd Dec
Type of event: Local-(D)
Type of terrain: Sand dunes and pine woodland

General Information

Dress: Please check the weather forecast and dress appropriately. The forecast for East Lothian is, as usual, dry and sunny, but we can’t guarantee it.

Terrain:  Sand dunes with some wooded areas and a good network of paths. The area is bounded by farmland which should not be entered. Courses do not cross onto Spike Island so you should keep your feet dry

Other Users: The area is very well used by the general public, especially dog walkers and families with children.  Please respect their right to be there at the same time as you are orienteering.

Dogs: The area is popular with dog walkers. If you want to run with your dog, keep it under close control and, particularly after the mass start, away from other runners.

Course Closure Time: Please note that courses have a closure time of 12:30 after which controls will start to be brought in.


Nearest town: Dunbar

Grid Ref: NT649785

Postcode: EH42 1UW

Latitude: 55.9986

Longitude: -2.5643



Parking will be at the East Links Family Park, which is signposted off the A1087 from the A1 and A199 west of Dunbar.

Registration & Start Times

REGISTRATION: In the Café near parking. Registration will be from 10:15am to 10:45 for the Score courses which have a mass start. The Yellow course registration will remain open a little longer for newcomers to orienteering. Pre-entry on Oentries is being kept open until the night before or you can download and complete a Registration form.

START AND FINISH will be very close together, about 400m from parking. Start for the main event will be as close to 11am as possible and for the Yellow course between10:45 and 11:30


The Yellow course map is at a scale of 1:7500 and the Score is 1:10000. Both maps are A4. Control descriptions are printed on the map and loose descriptions will not be available. There are no keys on the maps, so if you are not familiar with orienteering maps, ask for help and a copy of a guide to the symbols.

Course Information

The Yellow course is a normal cross country run, with 11 controls in 2.5km. All the controls are on, or very close to, paths, although there are many paths and it is easy to get confused. Take care.

For the Score course there is one map with 29 controls (in the descriptions; there are only 23 circles on the map). You have to visit as many of them as possible within the time you choose which can be either 50 or 70 minutes.

Controls from 120-129 and 140-148 are worth 10 points. Those from 130-139 are worth 20.

Controls can be visited in any order, but there is a 20 point bonus for each control which has a higher control number than any you have already visited. We expect everyone to go to 120 first. Starting with 148 would be a big mistake!

You will find details of the mystery controls as you go round the course.

Visiting all the controls in the best order will take at least 10.5 km.

Don’t be late back! There is a penalty of 1 point per for every 2 seconds over your chosen time.


Download is back at the café. Please go there before going back to your car. (Remember, we said it would be dry and sunny).


Prizes will be awarded to the leading Supervets and Juniors on the 50 minutes and Seniors on the 70 minutes and to other notable performances.   The number of prizes will be a reflection of the number of pre-entries.

  • White are very easy with all controls on paths. They are mainly used by 6-10 year olds and family groups.
  • Yellow use simple linear features like paths, walls and streams. They are mainly used by under 12’s and family groups.
  • Orange progress to basic use of the compass and route choice. They are ideal for novice adults or experienced youngsters.
  • Light Green are ideal for improvers as the navigational difficulty begins to increase and uses simple contours and point features.
  • Green are used mostly by experienced under 18’s and adults wanting a short but challenging course with a very hard navigational difficulty.
  • Blue are a longer, more physically demanding course in comparison to the green. The distances are more varied between controls and the course attracts experienced orienteers.
  • Brown & Black are very physically demanding and have a very hard navigational difficulty. They are for experienced orienteers only.
  • Score means visiting as many controls as possible in any order in a specific time, like 45mins.

Entry Details

Senior (score) £6.00

Juniors and students (score) £3.00

Solo junior on Yellow £2.00

Senior or Groups on Yellow £3.00

SPORTident (SI) electronic timing will be used.  If you have your own SI please bring it with you. We’ll have SIs for hire free of charge but there is a £30 charge if lost.

Contacts / Officials


Phone Robin on 07772 048 935

Safety and Risk

A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.

Privacy: when entering our events your name may appear in the results section of this website or in newspaper reports.

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