Riding of the Marches
Musselburgh 31/07

ELO were invited to add orienteering to the other activities on offer in Lewisvale Park as part of the annual Riding of the Marches. The  2016 festival was celebrating an actual Riding – and that only happens every 21 years!

We had over 60 people trying either the White or Yellow course – and in many cases both. Everyone seemed to enjoy the experience despite a few unusual problems – such as having to abandon a couple of controls planned to be in the area used for the horse paddock – and the dense crowds making it hard to spot some of the controls! As we were next to the bandstand we also had to explain the basics to beginners through the medium of mime when the louder musical acts were performing.

We aren’t publishing formal results but anyone who took less than 25 minutes for either course did very well.

Many thanks to all the ELO members involved in staging the event including Julian, Tim, Ian and Lee.


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