Musselburgh, Loretto School
Wednesday 13nd July

SprINTelope event in Musselburgh.

**** RESULTS ****

Strictly speaking this is an Interlopers’ event, hence SprINTelope rather than SprintELOpe, but as it is definitely in our patch we hope a lot of ELO members will take the chance to run on another new map.

I haven’t seen the courses, but I expect that although the short course is within Loretto’s grounds, it will probably be a lot trickier than the parkland white and yellow courses at ELO’s evening events. Careful use of the map will be required!

Here are the details from Interlopers.

Loretto – sprint distance

Starts: 6-7pm
Buses: 113, x15, 44, x26, x24
Access: Pinkie entrance
Parking: drive straight down Pinkie drive towards cricket pavilion/playing field (past Pinkie House)
Registration: Pinkie Cricket pavilion

Timing: SI at every control. Limited SI cards available for hire
Descriptions: on map only, no loose descriptions.
Entry: £2 seniors, £1 juniors

Short: 1.65km (2.1km fastest route), 13 controls, private campus (some vehicles may be driving on campus).
Long: 3km (3.8km fastest route), 15 controls, private campus/public streets (vehicles on campus and streets)
You may encounter cars on any road: competitors MUST be alert and run
with care. Always give way to traffic!

BBQ – if the weather is nice I will fire the BBQ up and provide some burgers!

Any questions – email Scott Fraser

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