ELO AGM 2020
Thursday 15th October

ELO AGM 2020  Thursday 15th October

Many thanks to the healthy turnout of members who took part in our AGM held over Zoom. Thanks also to Judy Bell, our SOA Regional Development Officer, for help in staging the meeting and for her input.

Under the unusual circumstances the agenda was slightly shorter than usual but we managed to make all the required decisions. Full minutes will follow.

Remember that the ESOA (East of Scotland Orienteering Association) AGM will be held on Thursday 5th November also via the Zoom app. ELO is part of ESOA so all our members are invited and entitled to attend that meeting too.

Advance information …

It’s that AGM time of year again. The AGM is the chance for all members to have their say in the direction and running of the club.

Under the current restrictions we can’t hold a traditional face-to-face meeting so this year’s AGM will be held over the Zoom app. The meeting will run from 19:30 until 21:00 on Thursday 15th October. Details on how to join the Zoom meeting have been sent to all members by email.

We will be electing officers for the next 12 months and setting the level of membership fees, amongst many other items.



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