ESOA Championships 2019
Loch Ordie

ESOA Championships 2019  Loch Ordie

Congratulations to Robin Strain on retaining his trophy at the 2019 ESOA Championships.

The event was staged by Tayside Orienteers on the high moorland west of Loch Ordie. Members of any ESOA club (including ELO) are eligible to become champions provided they run the correct course for their age category.

There was a comparatively small ELO representation this year and Robin was our only champion.

A full list of  trophy winners is available here. Although some categories were hotly contested there were others (such as W21!) with no qualifying runners.

Let’s hope we have a strong attendance for next year’s ESOA Championships which will be hosted by ELO. We currently hope to stage the event on an expanded map at Vogrie on 29th November 2020. See you there


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