SoSOL 2017 Final Results Table

The South of Scotland O League (SoSOL) 2017 programme has completed and the final tables are published. SoSOL events are Level C which means they are slightly larger and more formal than local Saturday events.  There were seven events this year and a runner’s best four results on a course count for the league table. You can run any course but clearly it pays to run the same course at each event.

No table toppers for ELO this year as Benji Edmondson was pipped on Orange by Maja Robertson (ESOC) at the final event. His dad Duncan was injured but stoically walked around the final Blue to record his fourth qualifying score – if he had been able to run it he would have moved up several places from 9th overall. Pete Younger was 7th on Blue as one of only four people to complete the same course at all seven events.

Iona and Debbie Riley finished 7th and 8th respectively on Light Green having scored well at the first two events but then not recorded any further scores.

2018 SoSOL programme will start with a flurry of three events in four weeks – the first two being close to home…

  • 21st Jan – Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh – EUOC
  • 28th Jan – Binning Wood – ELO
  • 4th Feb – Pollok CP, Glasgow – STAG
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