SoSOL 7 Tulliallan 26th April

The final event in the 2014/2015 SoSOL series was staged by Interlopers at Tulliallan. There was a surprisingly low turnout – perhaps people were put off by the reputation of nearby dark damp dense Devilla. Tulliallan’s woods were dry and airy but still proved a tough challenge with plenty of windblow and low brambles  waiting to trip the unwary.

Six ELO members attended and while none of us covered ourselves in glory (I had a particularly poor run) both Tim Harding and Trina Rogerson can feel satisfied with their solid performances on Blue and Green respectively.

The final SoSOL tables are not yet available but we already know that ELO will not feature as prominently as last year when we had consistent performers in most of the TD5 courses.

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