SoSOL 2: Hedderwick Hill / John Muir Country Park near Dunbar
Sunday 26th Feb


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This was our best turnout for a SoSOL in recent years with over 180 starters braving the gusty wind – and the unexpected din from nearby motorbike racers. Ian Rowland’s courses received lots of compliments for the way he got the most out of a small but varied area. And nobody got cut off by the incoming tide.

Those 180 entrants ranged from very experienced orienteers to comparative newcomers to the sport. The Brown course was won by Jonathan Crickmore who is currently one the UK’s top ranked orienteers.

Although some ELO members were too busy to get a run, more than twenty members did take part and there was ‘home’ representation on every course except Short Green. Undoubtedly the stand-out performances were from the Wright family with Angus, Innes and Cerys each being the fastest on their Orange, Yellow and White courses respectively. There were plenty of other good runs elsewhere including Duncan Edmondson and Martyn Pegg finishing fifth on Blue and Green respectively and Iona Riley third on Light Green.

Thanks to everyone who came to the event whether as competitors or helpers or as both. As well as many ELO members there was invaluable help from both Controllers – Ken Daly and Paul Caban of Interlopers. Andrea Davison and family of ESOC helped throughout a long day and Ishbel Mollason did sterling work at the Start.

Lost Property

Found in the Café – a scarf
Found on the courses – a grey hat and a sum of money.
If you think they are yours use the contact form to give us a description.

Pre-event information

Our South of Scotland Orienteering League (SoSOL) event will have the usual range of White to Brown courses.

The map is mostly runnable forest with a good path network. The longer courses (Green / Blue / Brown) will also visit the dune area known as ‘Spike Island’. There will not be appreciable climb on any course.

All our events are open to everyone, novices and experts alike. If anything here is not clear use the contact form to ask for more information.

Online entries will save time and trouble at the event. Pre-entry is being kept open until Saturday evening to cut down what has to be done by a small team on Sunday. If you know you are coming, please try to enter on line.

Please note that there is no Saturday afternoon local event this month.

Event Details


East Links Family Park

Info updated: 26th February 2017
Type of event: Level C event in the South of Scotland O League
Terrain: Woodland with dunes used by longer courses – see more detailed description below
Registration and event base: East Links Family Park

Facilities – There are catering facilities and toilets available at Registration


Nearest town/village: Dunbar
Post code: EH42 1XF
Grid Ref: NT 652 787

Map: Here


East Links Family Park car park accessed by minor road signposted from A1087 west of Dunbar.


Registration and Download are at East Links Family Park from 10:00am to 12:00. Start times are from 10:30 to 12:30.

If possible, please enter in advance at Oentries. There will be entry on the day for which filling in this form will help.

Start and Finish

Start is 500 metres from Registration, Finish is 750 metres from Download.

We will not be allocating start times. Just join the, hopefully very short, queue for your course at Start.

Courses Close  – at 3pm – please report to the Finish by 3pm, even if you have not completed your course


Usual range of SoSOL courses. Final details are subject to controlling  …

  • Brown – 9.8 km – 26 controls
  • Blue – 7.5 km – 22 controls
  • Green – 5.1 km – 18 controls
  • Short Green – 3.7 km – 16 controls
  • Light Green – 4.4 km – 15 controls
  • Orange – 3.7 km – 12 controls
  • Yellow – 2.3 km – 11 controls
  • White – 1.7 km – 12 controls

There will also a free String course for young juniors near registration.

Terrain description:

  • The terrain is comprised of three distinct parts …
    • – In the east is Spike Island, which is an open area of complex sand dunes.  Green, Blue and Brown are the only courses to visit this
      area. Please read the details below regarding the tides and less reliable features.
    • – In the middle of the map is a mature coniferous forest, which has a complex path network, a few contours and the option to cut
      corners through white forest.
    • – The third part includes sections of mature deciduous forest, a small open area and a footpath network connecting it all together.
  • Some areas have been marked out of bounds using red stripes.  You must not cross these areas.
  • When the red line goes to a red bridge symbol it means the bridge is compulsory.
  • On the Yellow course some controls have been placed on features a few metres off the line feature, but they are visible from the line feature.
  • Spike Island is reached by crossing a tidal area (Green, Blue and Brown courses only)  High tide is 14:30, so if you are delayed you run the risk of getting wet feet. You are therefore encouraged not to start after 12:15 hours. See also the note under Safety below.
  • On Spike Island the map shows a number of small paths and thickets, but some paths have faded over the winter and most of the thickets are only 2-4 feet tall and without leaf so very difficult to see.  You should not rely on these two types of feature as your only means of navigation.


White and Yellow maps should be collected from Registration. Other maps (and loose descriptions) will be given out at Start.

Entry Charges

  • Senior (BOF member) £8.00
  • Senior (non BOF member) £10.00
  • Seniors (BOF member) running White / Yellow / Orange £4.00
  • Seniors (non BOF member) running White / Yellow / Orange £6.00
  • Juniors and students £4.00


Results will be published here after the event. There may be a local WiFi results service in assembly and the car park.

Contact / Officials

Planner: Ian Rowland
Organiser: Trina Rogerson Contact
Controllers: Ken Daly (Interlopers) in advance and Paul Caban (Interlopers) on the day

Safety and Risk

A comprehensive risk assessment has been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.

There is a pond which White and Yellow courses pass so please warn children doing these courses to keep away from the edge.

The area is popular with dog walkers so please warn children that they are likely to come across dogs running loose.

The longer courses use an area which becomes partially cut off at high tide. This should not be a problem even for late starters but if you are delayed and become stranded then proceed to the southern end of the dunes and return across the causeway to the John Muir Country Park area.


When entering our events your name may appear in the results section of this website or in newspaper reports.
Read our privacy policy to see how we look after your personal data.

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