Postponed: East of Scotland Championships & SoSOL
Vogrie Country Park
Sunday 28 November 2021

Postponed: East of Scotland Championships & SoSOL  Vogrie Country Park  Sunday 28 November 2021

Vogrie Burn and Tyne Water - Photo Credit: Jim Barton -

Vogrie Country Park is a woodland estate managed by Midlothian Council.  The Tyne Water runs through the park in a steep sided valley which can provide a physical challenge.  Vogrie usually hosts a Saturday parkrun and has a popular playground but its varied terrain and 12 mile path network make this a popular venue for orienteering, particularly for those new to the sport.  For the more experienced there are plenty of ways to navigate between controls both on paths and off them!

For the East of Scotland Orienteering (ESOA) Championships we are grateful to the ranger service and neighbouring landowners who have allowed us to greatly extend the range of the map into the former golf course and into some areas of disused quarries which provide regions of intricate contour detail.

Update at 17:00 Saturday - please read carefully

The controller visited Vogrie this morning and there were some fallen branches overhanging paths, but nothing to cause him alarm. However Midlothian Council have identified other dangerous sites and although they have contractors working today they have said that the park will remain closed until Monday. This leaves us with no alternative but to postpone.

We are considering rescheduling the event to next Saturday, 4th December. Further details about a final decision and transferring your entry or getting a refund will follow early in the week.

Sorry to disappoint you; just imagine how we feel.


General Information

Type of event:

East of Scotland Orienteering Association (ESOA) Championships;
East Lothian Orienteers Club Championships; and
South of Scotland Orienteering League (SoSOL) event.

Vogrie - Open Woodland on steep slopes
Vogrie – Open Woodland on steep slopes


  • A mixture of parkland, woodland and disused quarries with fast running over a former golf course and slower going along steep sided deans.

Other Users

The woods are very well used by the general public including dog walkers and families. Please respect their right to be there at the same time as you are orienteering. Please observe all out of bounds areas, particularly the unfenced.

Horses – Vogrie is adjacent to a riding stables and you may encounter horses on any course. Please give way to horses especially on the Blue and Brown courses.


The area is well used by dog walkers so dogs are welcome to come with orienteers.


Toilets are available at next to the car park and adjacent to the start and finish.


The White course is suitable for buggies although it does have some steep sections.

Wind Warning:

Note that in the event of wind strength approaching 45 mph the Rangers will close the park. If this looks like a possibility, watch for announcements on the website and Twitter.


There will be a prizegiving as soon as possible. Trophies are for eligible winners for the East of Scotland Champions, ie members of the East of Scotland clubs who are running an appropriate course. There will also be certificates and/or token prizes for the lesser places, and for winners who are not eligible for trophies. The photograph on the certificates was taken a few years ago by Ronnie Leask, late of ESOC.

ELO’s club champions will also be announced.

Take the opportunity to sample the café while you wait which will be open all day. 


Nearest Town: Gorebridge
Grid Ref: NT 276 632
Nearest Postcode: EH23 4NU


Vogrie is on the B6372 which runs from the A7 at Gorebridge to the A68 North of Pathhead.
There is a £2 parking charge which is paid (in cash or by card) at the barrier on exit.
While you are free to park anywhere in the car park, it would be considerate to the regular users of the car park if you were to park in the overflow parking to the NW of the main car park.
A route will be taped from there to Start/Finish/Download which will skirt round the main car park, but parents should ensure that children are kept away from the car park and particularly from cars which might reverse.

Public Transport

A limited bus service travels to the Edgehead and Dewarton crossroads, from where the park can be accessed on foot.

Nearest Defibrillator:

Thanks go to Vogrie parkrun for lending us their portable defibrillator for this event.

Registration & Start Times


This will be online only!
Please select an early start time if you think you might take a long time to complete your course.

Start and Finish:

Start and Finish are adjacent to Vogrie House – 700 metres, allow 8-10 minutes walk, from the overflow car park. The route will be taped from the car park.

Start times will be 10:30 to 12:30.

White and Yellow course maps will be available at start before entering the start grid. Other maps will be picked up after starting.

Loose control descriptions will be available in the start lanes.

Courses Close:

With darkness falling early, the courses will close strictly at 14:30 and controls will be collected in from then. If you think you may overrun this, please ask for an earlier start.

If you are still out at 14:30 please return direct to Finish.

String Course

A free string course for our youngest orienteers (follow the string from control to control with a map) will be available.

Course Information


The map is printed at 1:7500 with 5m contours.


SportIdent (SI) electronic timing will be used – we will have SIs for hire free of charge but there is a £30 charge if lost.

Units, apart from start and finish, will be set for contactless punching. SIACs for contactless punching can be hired for £2.50 (£60 charge if lost).


There will be White, Yellow, Orange, Light Green, Short Green, Green, Blue and Brown courses.

CourseLength / Ascent Difficulty
White1.7 km / 45 mVery Easy
Yellow2.1 km / 55 mEasy
Orange2.6 km / 85 mModerate
Light Green3.2 km / 100 mDifficult
Short Green3.3 km / 90 mVery Difficult
Green3.9 km / 90 mVery Difficult
Blue5.7 km / 170 mVery Difficult
Brown7.4 km / 240 mVery Difficult

More details about the colour coding is available on the Scottish Orienteering website.


Sheila Strain


Michael Atkinson


Roger Scrutton (ESOC)

Other Information:

Everyone is welcome to enter their preferred course as as individual, pair or group.

But, to be eligible to win a trophy you must:
– be a member of one of the clubs in the East of Scotland Orienteering Association
– run as a solo individual
– run the correct course for your age-class (see below).

For safety, an M/W10 may be shadowed by a adult and remain competitive provided the adult stays well behind, does not speak to the junior and does not carry a map of the course.

Age ClassCourseAge ClassCourse
M14Light GreenW14Light Green
M65GreenW65Short Green
M70GreenW70Short Green
M75+Short GreenW75+Short Green

Safety and Risk

A comprehensive risk assessment has been carried out by the organisers, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.

  • It is November in Scotland and the forecast is for it to get colder this week, so wear or carry suitable clothing.
  • There are a number of steep, muddy or rocky slippery slopes on longer courses, so studded shoes or ‘dobs’ are recommended.
  • Bracken, brambles and nettles are dying down and courses have been planned to avoid the worst areas. Nevertheless, full leg cover is requried.
  • There are football-sized target holes on the old golf course, which will be marked with a stake with black/yellow tape.
  • Wooden bridges which cross the streams may be slippery especially if wet. Likewise the boardwalk over the marsh. Slow down and cross carefully.
  • Blue and brown courses pass below dangerous vertical crags. Black/yellow tape will close off a path which leads above the crags. Don’t go that way!
  • Blue and brown courses will follow a route marked with white tape to avoid a rubbish tip, then along a track through fields with horses and stables. Riders have been warned to avoid the track but if a horse and rider come near, then please give way and to allow them to pass safely.

First Aid

A first aid kit will be available at download.
The nearest Accident and Emergency and Minor Injuries Departments are at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. Directions of how to get there will be available at Download.


Do not come: if you are showing any symptoms of Covid 19 or if you have tested positive or have been asked to quarantine or self-isolate

Whilst in ‘the field of play’ between parking and downloading:

  • Keep a 1 m distance from others, both other competitors and members of the public, especially when waiting to start and at download.
  • wait your turn at controls and move away quickly once you have punched

All competitors are asked to read and abide by the British Orienteering Participant Code of Conduct.

Medical Conditions:

If you, or anyone in your group (including juniors), have a medical condition that first-aiders or health professionals should know about in the event of accident or illness during the course of the event please print off the Medical Form, complete it fully and bring it along to the event.   You should complete a separate copy for each individual who has a medical condition.  Please leave the completed Medical Form at Event Registration.  If it is not in a labelled sealed envelope, it will be put in one and will be opened only in an emergency.  It will be shredded immediately after the event if you do not claim it back.


When entering our events your name will appear in the results section of this website and may appear in newspaper reports.
We may also take photographs at the event for publicity purposes – please let us know if you do not want us to use your photograph in this way.
Read our privacy policy.

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2 thoughts on “Postponed: East of Scotland Championships & SoSOL
Vogrie Country Park
Sunday 28 November 2021

  1. Andrew Cunningham

    Hi there.

    I’ve just signed up to do the light green course – first time orienteering since the 90’s and very much looking for to it!

    I’ve paid the entry fee but can’t see how to select a start time?

    Also – what has changed in the last 30 years? I notice electronic tags are mentioned.

    1. Michael Post author

      Orienteering itself has not changed – still a map and compass – but you will receive an electronic ‘dibber’ at registration which you need to insert into the top of each control box. Rarely, if a box fails there are punches on them as well.

      South London Orienteers produced a good video which shows something of what will be going on –

      We look forward to seeing you in Vogrie – the autumnal colours are looking fantastic there just now!

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