Membership 2018

Membership 2018

Join ELO

Please remember to join ELO or renew your membership for 2018.

Juniors can join for as little as 50p – and then save £1 for every event entered.

There are two membership options depending on whether or not you wish to join British Orienteering as well as ELO and Scottish Orienteering…

Join ELO & SOA Senior  £10 Junior  £0.50
Join ELO, SOA & BOF Senior  £20 Junior  £3.80
Senior = Born 1996 or earlier
Junior = Born 1997 or later
SOA = Scottish Orienteering
BOF = British Orienteering

Both options include public liability insurance cover (see below ***) and cheaper entry to many events within Scotland

The main difference between the two options is that the new SOA cheaper option is suitable if you only want to orienteer locally. For Juniors it costs less than the £1 discount at each event.

The more expensive BOF option gives access to more benefits including participation in the Ranking system and cheaper entry to events throughout the UK.

You can, of course, join ELO & SOA initially and upgrade your membership to BOF later during 2018 if you wish.

Here are some of the benefits you gain from joining ELO

  • ELO will stage around 15 events across East Lothian in 2018 – details on our Events page. For most of these events, the entry fee is cheaper for members (£2 cheaper for Seniors and £1 cheaper for Juniors). You will also pay reduced entry to events organised by other orienteering clubs.
  • Junior members can join a programme of coaching and training events organised regionally (East of Scotland) and across the whole of Scotland.
  • ELO will pay your entry for Relay events. One example is the Scottish Championships Relay 2018 – a fun format and more members taking part means we can enter teams which take the best advantage of the handicapping system.

Here is a link to Scottish Orienteering’s explanation of the new option.

NB *** If you have taken part in three orienteering events without joining a club then you are not covered by our Public Liability Insurance ***

Join ELO

Join ELO

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